All wonderful creations come from an amazing design. At Dwell House, we believe in complete collaboration with our clients: collaboration ensures our design captures the look and feel you’re going for in your home. We consult with you to discuss any possible requests, concerns, and deep desires that could go into our final design plan.

We don’t skip over any of the important questions, so get ready to talk our ear off! We’ll ask you all about the space, how you use it currently, and how you want to use it in the future. While you may feel like we’re interviewing you, what we’re really doing is capturing your vision.

  • What is it that would make you feel passionate about being in your home?
  • What would your kitchen need to look like in order for you to say, “Let’s not go out; I want to cook dinner tonight?”
  • What would make your bathroom your favorite room in the house?

At Dwell House, our goal is to bring these scenarios to life.

We go in-depth with our clients to make sure we truly understand what they want. We also do it to show them exactly how our designs could change their lives for the better. Work with one of the best design teams Arizona has to offer. Contact Dwell House today to get started.